Heredero Gin Review

So far ONIN.London has brought you gins from Australia, Belgium and throughout the United Kingdom but now it’s time to branch out to an Argentinian Gin. Heredero started production in 2015 in the city of La Paz, Entre Rios. Today they produce in Parana, Entre Rios. We were told they had the idea to create ”’an original gin where the botanicals of the Argentine Mesopotamia region prevail. In this case the tangerine skin, together with juniper and rosary combine in to this unique gin of the new world”.

We liked the unique orange colour of the gin and we’ve learnt this comes from the tangerine skins. The distilling process differs a bit from regular gins which allows the colour of the fruit to be maintained in the gin. The gin itself does have a quite a bitter aftertaste and I assume this also comes from the tangerine skin botanical. It is a very citrus based gin and to me tasted almost as someone had mixed marmalade to straight gin. For those that enjoy marmalade, you’re going to love this gin, though for others it is a little bit of an acquired taste

The perfect serve of Heredero gin consists of 20mls of Heredero Gin, 200mls of Tonic Water and Garnish with twisted orange skin. It reminded me of the breakfast gin and tonics that have recently been popping up all over our instagram lately. Which makes Heredero the perfect gin for a boozy brunch.

Unfortunately Heredero can only be purchased in South America… so it might be the perfect excuse to plan an escape there soon.