New Oxalis Residency at Platform 1 Review


For those of you who haven’t of this East Dulwich gem, Platform1 is a permanent pop-up restaurant based in the heart of East Dulwich, serving up delicious and fresh food curated by a rotating schedule of talented chefs. A kitchen with a twist, owner and local resident, Chloe Gounder-Forbes has built a platform for up-and-coming chefs to devise and lay out their own menus whilst establishing a name for themselves.

We popped down to visit Platform to sample the current residents, Oxalis, with chef’s Nick Ross and Max de Nahlik offering a new take on modern British food. The talented pair have worked together in the past at various venues across London and felt inspired to create a concept together having realised their joint love of British produce and the finesse of French cooking techniques. Greeted at the door by the lovely manageress we immediately felt welcomed. We were shown to our table in the charming terrace garden, surrounded by interesting art and lovingly looked after greenery.

An eclectic tasting menu, we were immediately intrigued by the creative mix of flavours listed: scallops and chorizo, eggs and liver – surprising mixes of ingredients were offered in every course. We ordered one of the regular tasting menus and a vegetarian version, starting with a refreshing cocktail and a mocktail from the seasonal menu. As the first course came out we gasped at the vibrant colours and attention to aesthetics put into creating these startling colours. Amongst the selection of components: beetroot, horseradish and goats cheese, it was anything but basic. Indeed it tasted as good as it looked, with the vinegary flavours of the beetroot, sharp horseradish and the smoothness of the goats cheese complimenting each other perfectly, with a light cumin seasoning to add a bit of heat.

Next up were the Beef Tartare, Black Garlic and Egg (swapping the beef tartare for peas and asparagus for the meat free version). Once again, contrast was the key in this dish, with the softness of the egg complimenting the fresh crunch of the peas and asparagus, offering an alternative twist on a springtime salad. Although every dish was delicious in it’s own way, the main fourth dish was definitely our favorite. With scallop, chorizo and hollandaise for the meat version, and tortellini with a creamy rocket and asparagus sauce as the vegetarian version, both variations differed completely but we both rated them as our favorites. Once again the contrast between flavours and textures created something completely unexpected making a surprising dish. At this point we managed to catch the manageress to tell her how fabulous this course was, and were delighted to hear that the rocket used had been picked directly behind us during the course of our meal. As part of their sustainable and homegrown ethos, Platform1 lovingly tends to a vegetable and herb garden where ingredients are grown to finish off the meals.

Absolutely stuffed, we had one last savory dish, a mix of vegetables, finished off with a morish aioli sauce – this course was complimented with warm baby lettuce, a way of preparing lettuce that I’d never actually thought of. Of course no meal is truly finished without a desert and the Oxalis one certainly did not disappoint. In the creative nature that is clearly part of the Oxalis kitchen, the menu concluded with a Coffee Semi – Fredo with generous chunks of homemade donut and rhubarb puree. Light and creamy, fruity and tangy, all at the same time, it was the perfect finish to our exotic meal.

If you are looking for a restaurant with bags of charm and a focus on high quality and like supporting up and coming chef’s then Platform 1 is for you. With an ever-rotating menu of exciting chefs, there is something new to try, so keep an eye out for future Platform 1 takeovers.


71 Lordship Lane
East Dulwich

Written by Jordan Crowley and Faith Jemmott-Jackman‬