Hippodrome Casino Celebrates National Steak House Month With The Ultimate Surf And Turf

National Steak House Month kicked off around the UK this June and with it came the concern from the world’s first Meatologist™, Ioannis Gramennos. He was concerned with the findings of a recent survey into the nation’s steak cooking habits that shows 25% of the UK do not know how to cook steak correctly. My work colleagues would include me in this statistic as according to them, you should only eat steak Medium Rare (or cooked even less than that). Whereas, I’m more of a medium welldone kind of girl. For all you steak enthusiasts, please don’t judge!

Apparently, 30% of Brits regularly overcook their steak, 16% of us forget to let the meat rest when cooked, 12% fail to leave the pan to get hot enough before cooking steak and 11% always undercook the meat.So due to this Ioannis as created the UK’s first School of Meatology™ at Heliot Steak House in London. He hopes to help educate the everyday cook in simple methods of steak cooking and show us our it’s really should be done. He says “Learning how to cook steak correctly, so that it’s not overcooked or undercooked, can be easily taught by following a few simple tips and tricks. For example: using oil rather than butter, and ensuring your pan is hot enough to cook will leave you with a more scrumptious and better tasting home-cooked steak!”

How to cook the perfect steak according to Ioannis Grammenos, world’s first Meatologist™

  • To prepare cooking the perfect steak, press your thumb and index together to make an “ok sign”, and then press the fleshy part of your palm with the other hand to feel the softness – this should match the meat for a rare steak.
  • Another tip is to press the meat when it’s on the grill. If the steak springs right back when pressed, then it’s medium rare – meaning you will then need to leave your steak to rest for a few more minutes.
  • Be sure to use oil when cooking with steak, as butter will make steaks greasier and will emit a nasty burning smell. If you are using better, it’s better to add it onto the steak during its resting time.
  • Always cook steaks on the grill rather than in a frying pan, and always season the beef before cooking.
  • In order to get the best result when cooking steak, make sure it’s cooked at room temperature. It’s recommended that you take the steak out of the fridge at least two hours before cooking it.
  • If you’re purchasing your steaks from the butchers, look out for aged steaks with marbling – this is key to finding a good steak! Look to avoid red steaks without marble.

The School of Meatology™ classes at Heliot Steak House cost £60 per person, with a new date opening up on 3rd October 2018. Check

We couldn’t attend the school of Meatology™, but luckily Heliot Steakhouse is also celebrating National Steak House Month in June, by serving up the ultimate USDA surf and turf menu. A 1kg of USDA rib on the bone, a whole grilled lobster with Thermidor sauce, pepper sauce and chimichurri sauce for £49.99.

Now this meal is one that is so big, my friend and I had to share the meal. We comprised and chose to eat the steak Medium (not rare enough for her and too rare for me) but it worked on the evening. While waiting for our meal, as it takes 45 minutes to arrive, we enjoyed some delicous cockails. Not to mention, the most fancy Ceviche I’ve ever had the pleasure of eating. Definitely instagrammable for sure. We enjoyed the Mexican Sunset, Casino Sling, Brambelion and the Basil Berry, though both of us agreed the gin and southern comfort cocktails were nicer than the Mexican Sunset, tequila based cocktail.

By the time our food arrived, our appetites had increased 10 fold. This was definitely a good thing, as the steak and lobster was HUGE! We ended up swapping the Pepper Sauce for the delicious béarnaise and I for one wasn’t disappointed. In terms of the steak, it was cooked perfectly and despite my aversion to anything below medium, I found myself devouring it. In terms of the lobster, while the Thermidor sauce was delicious, we did find the lobster a tad dry. This was the only disappointment of the night, but didn’t stop me enjoying it.

After our meal was finished we managed to squeeze in some of the Heliot Steak House’s signature desserts, an espresso martini and an absolutely fabulous dessert wine. It was an absolutely enjoyable evening and we do recommend you visit. Quickly though, the Ultimate Surf and Turf is only available until the end of June!


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Written by Tegan LeBon

Twitter and Instagram: @toogs1