Hoop Tone Fitness Review

IMG_2828Since moving to London, I have struggled to find a form of fitness I have enjoyed. I easily get bored with the gyms that only provide the usual bikes, treadmills, weights and of course no instructor is ever around. I like motivational fitness. Fitness that is fun. Something a little different to an everyday gym. An environment that you don’t feel awkward or uncomfortable or intimidated in. A place of inclusion. Somewhere you can make friends. This is not so easy to find in London, until I tried Hoop Tone.

Hoop Tone is inspired by Marawa and her instructors, The Majorettes. They offer classes in a number of locations over the city. Marawa is an 8X Guinness World Record holder who is often off travelling the world performing. Her shop sells the collapsible travel hoop at £30 that she has designed so that you can take it with you anywhere, ensuring that you too don’t miss the opportunity to make your “abs harder than diamonds”.

This hour long class is full of techniques you would never have thought you would accomplish on your first day. It is full of twists and turns, music, good vibes and lots laughter. As someone who has always loved hula hooping and would often be the only educator hula hooping with the kids in my role in childcare back in Australia, this class was a blast. I now have many new skills up my sleeves.

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The instructor Obie, offers a very vibrant persona. She is very helpful and offers tips as the class goes on. She has a real passion for hooping and it comes across the entire way through. Obie definitely makes it look so easy, then again to be hooping like this for 4 years and on skates, it will give that impression. Obie guarantees us that no matter who you are, young or old, it can be taught. I totally agree. There were many newbies in this class and we were all doing such a great job. We even had the opportunity to take on 10 hoops at the end of the class! So you too can be hooping before you know it!


Hoop Tone provides you with all the equipment necessary. It is offered at a low cost of £10 per class and it works. You can feel your core working overtime and by the end of the class you are one happy, exhausted person who is on their way to a healthier you.

So what’s stopping you? Grab a friend, or tackle it alone and make some new ones and spice up your fitness life!

The Hoop Tone classes take place:

Every Monday in Brixton at 17.30 at Effra Space

Every Thursday in Canary Wharf at 19.00 at Deli Studios

Every Saturday at both 13.00 and 14.00 at Shoreditch Town Hall.

Follow Obie Pearl on instagram: pearl.the.whirl as well as @THEMARJORETTES

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Written by Bec Brodie