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ICCO Pizzeria Review

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If mama cooked at 10pm surrounded by a group of burly looking Italians…..
Welcome my friends to Icco pizza!
One fine winter evening while on a date (He was a keeper, I hadn’t used my ‘get out’ phone call and we’d actually forgotten about food, say what!?), my ‘friend’ and I found our late night tummy grumble lead us to the well-respected student hangout Icco. Run by the Italiano Coffee Co. this pizzeria is famous for its cheap and cheerful wares, however it was unbeknown to us that Icco would house such corking nosh!
We entered (it was very close to closing time, but luckily they were all still rather jolly!) and were greeted with several jovial Italians, our order was taken and we parked our keesters on a couple of diner style stools. The interior was an open, airy ‘no-frills’ canteen style (possibly to enable easier hosing down after the gaggles of dirty students?) which made a pleasant setting, however it was the renowned pizza we’d come for.
The service was like Greece lightening, this may have been down to our ungodly visiting hour, nevertheless it left us impressed. But not as impressed as the pizza! Especially as Icco lies in London’s ‘budget’ pizza scene, it tasted amazing, Pepperoni for £5! Plus they thin crusted and generous covered with toppings, always a winner.

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As we sat and chatted as only first daters do, eating our slices at a snail’s pace, the staff did wait as long as possible before turfing us out. They seemed to decide it was time for us to leave after chasing away the local crazy lady as she tried to sweep the floor with her own broom, apparently it was a regular occurrence and signified the 11pm closing alarm. However we were provided with a couple of boxes to hold our pizzas while we took to the streets munching.
So as the story of our first day comes to an end, I left contented in the knowledge I will be heading back to Iccos pizzeria on my London travels. Cheap, fast and friendly without the same guilt factor as Pizza hut, well maybe not for the waistline, but definitely for supporting independent retailers anyway

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Written by Aspen Glencross

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Head down to Icco between 12pm-3pm or 6pm-11pm, seven days a week. They even provide some cheeky salads to fill your healthy quota!
46 Goodge Street

Tel: 0207 580 9688

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