Colour Films: Interview

Colour Films

An Interview with Reeta Varpama and Adam Broder

I’ve been fascinated with start-up businesses ever since I started an enterprise selling CD’s to my friends in primary school. This venture ended in disaster with mass complaints about the quality of these and I reluctantly issued full refunds. Friendships were ruined and egg was all over my face, not literally, although perhaps I’d have preferred that.

Trying to find out where I went wrong, I interviewed Reeta Varpama and Adam Broder who founded production company Colour Films. They have built their business making corporate and promotional films for 2 years, and started the company whilst still studying at Cambridge School of Art. What quickly became clear was their passion and determination to make Colour Films a success. Coming from a production background and learning the business side as they went seems a bold move but one that is working well. “We had something to offer and nothing to lose as there was very little financial risk involved – it was now or never”, Reeta told me.

The relatively small financial risk, as they had their own production equipment and core of creative staff, was an essential starting point. I think a key area new businesses fail in is being too ambitious too soon in terms of staff, equipment and premises. Reeta also cited the support they received from The StartUp Lab at the University, which is available to students at Anglia Ruskin University who have entrepreneurial ambitions. This gave them professional guidance on presentations, marketing plans and financial forecasting, which was particularly useful as they were short-listed for The Big Pitch Competition.

Reeta and Adam are great proponents of creating a very clear, simple identity and keeping this constant. The name Colour Films arose from numerous brainstorming sessions and sums up the vibrancy, enthusiasm and creativity they bring to their projects. The simplicity of their site http://www.colour-films.com/ allows for an understated feel that many businesses don’t have the courage to go for.

Although Colour Films is just two years old they have already built up an impressive list of clients both in and outside of London. Most recently Colour Films has worked with Menagerie Theatre Company on “Human Rights! Bloody Human Rights!” This is an interactive theatre project that raises awareness to human rights issues within business. This was made in conjunction with Amnesty International and Queen Mary University of London. http://www.menagerie.uk.com/theideasstage/

Colour Films’ first client was Cambridge Science Centre, and they created online videos to showcase their exhibitions and educational expertise. CEO of Cambridge Science Centre, Dr. Chris Lennard, said “Reeta and Adam offer the utmost professionalism in their services, from managing the shoot through to the end of the editing process. They are prompt, technically skilled, innovative in their storyboarding, fantastically receptive in the edit review process, and they keep us up-to-date every step of the way. He praised Colour Films for having the capability to service large accounts, whilst being attentive to the needs of smaller accounts and one-off projects.

This versatility seems utterly essential in flourishing in the competitive, corporate film industry where every client wants more for less. 2014 seems like a big year and Reeta tells me that “With bigger projects heading our way, we’re looking to maintain and develop our production values throughout our exciting portfolio of projects with existing and new clients.”

Feel free to get in touch with Colour Films on their site (below) with any enquiries or questions.

Watch their Showreel: http://vimeo.com/55794022
Website: http://www.colour-films.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ColourFilmsLtd
Showreel: http://vimeo.com/55794022

Written by Martin Stocks
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