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IMAX – The Ronson Theatre

What better way to celebrate the coming out of lockdown 2.0, than to enter through those famous doors down on Exhibition Road, into the Science Museum and be one of a socially distanced select few to celebrate the launch of the newly refurbished IMAX theatre. An invitation to enter a new unique immersive World through the magic of cinema, was most definitely the best “welcome back” any film fan could have imagined.

As I eagerly made my way up to the Ronson Theatre, just a 5 minute walk from the main entrance, it was a poignant reminder that despite the deserted museum floor…. the museum still very much stands and has a spectacle to show off to its guests. It has been working behind the scenes to take us cinema viewers to a whole new level in sound, imagery and storytelling.
The wait has most definitely been worth it.

As well as the phenomenal IMAX launch there needs to be a film worthy to be projected that’ll show off the IMAX incredible features, and so we were transported through our 3D glasses, to the depths of the South Pole for the screening of The new BBC Earth documentary ‘Antarctica’ A typical cinema screen just couldn’t have done it justice. The imagery on screen was breathtaking because of the IMAX 70mm (40% more than the average cinema screen) film laser 4K projector, the latest in immersive technology. It is just one of two screens in Europe to feature the best of digital and analogue cinema.

The colours onscreen were more vibrant and had that ‘wow’ eye opening factor, so much so, I turned to my guest and asked her “Is it just me, or is it freezing in here” as I watched the snow whipping over the icebergs onscreen and whistle around the theatre. The 12 channel precision crystal clear sound system isn’t just heard, it’s also felt as it left the hairs on my arms saluting the realness I was witnessing!

The magic of 3D took me behind the camera as if I were there capturing the breathtaking views of the South Pole how the film crew at SK Films were battling the elements to bring home this story. The witty narration from Academy Award winner Benedict Cumberbatch, made this documentary an easy watch. One suitable for children, but one that didn’t leave me feeling as if I were being told off for being apart of the human race. We even had pooping penguins!

Apart of this IMAX refurbishment, sustainability is being represented at its core; including seats made of post-consumer recycled fibre, carpets from recycled plastic and new LED lighting and the 3D glassware material last over four times longer than before. The Science Museum has also used the refurbishment as an opportunity to support independent cinemas by donating former cinema seats and its digital projector; while the refreshments bar are stocked with products from local suppliers who share the Science Museums passion in a sustainable future.

The Ronson Theatre is an experience I urge everyone to experience, and more so now with this new found appreciation for exploring and getting outside. This theatre has the power to transport you out of the Covid blues without needing to board a flight.

IMAX: The Ronson Theatre: re-opens on Wednesday 9th December. Open Wednesday – Sunday and seven days a week during school holidays excluding Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

Written by Chloe Louise

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