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Inanch London Review

Going to a hair or beauty salon nowadays, can be a little unsettling, will I feel safe?, is it hygienic enough?… I can certainly say that the Inanch hair salon, have pulled out all the stops in ensuring their customers are as safe as possible in their salon.

When you walk through the doors you are greeted with the rich tone of gold and dark woods, with a sparkling opulent chandelier hanging above the reception counter. I was met by the friendly receptionist who gave me a new clean mask to wear, after I sprayed my hands with their hand sanitiser at the counter. The salon also has glass partitions to separate some of the styling stations, keeping customers and staff safe.


After given a tea (in a disposable cup) I am swiftly taken to my seat, where I talk through my hair colour desires. My balayage is looking very dated, the once blond-caramel ends has turned a rusty tone of orange. I tell my stylist Hasan that I would like my ends to be a cooler shade of blond, more of an ash blond instead of a warm orange. While Hasan applies peroxide and foil to my hair, I happily work on my laptop. This treatment will take a minimum of three hours, so catching up on work with my laptop is perfect. After a couple of hours in the chair, I am whisked away to get my hair, shampooed and conditioned, along with having a toner applied. After, Hasan applies a hair mask, to help protect and nourish my hair, while I wait, he gives me a head massage, which I must say is the highlight of the day. I feel relaxed and ready to see the transformation!

My dark roots have lightened a little, and it blends nicely into the ash blond colour I was dreaming of! The orange is gone and my hair looks amazing! He has worked his magic and I somewhat look five years younger with this new hair colour.

Inanch is stylish and luxurious, and the hair stylists know exactly what they’re doing, I felt confident throughout my time there, and blown away with the results! I have had too many experiences at different salons, where they haven’t been able to achieve the colour I wanted and would blame it on how dark my hair is, but not this time, Hasan done me proud.

Inanch are offering On In London readers 20% off any treatment at Inanch, until 30th September (*excluding hair extension costs). When booking quote OnInLondon20. Take full advantage of this offer, you won’t regret it, their service is top notch!


Written by Nyla S.