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Bespoke Facials at the Ingrid Raphael Salon

It’s this time of the year that our skin can look dull, dry and a bit flaky. Winter can really take it out on our skin and the only way to get back that glow is giving your skin that much needed TLC, I headed on down to the Ingrid Raphael salon, located near Stoke Newington for a facial and to win back my glow!

I got a lovely warm and friendly greeting from Ingrid the founder, from the minute I arrived at her door, we shortly sat down, where she took down my details and discussed my current daily skincare routine, I found this personalised session, quite interesting, it taught me some of the things I was lacking like an SPF cream in my daily routine, shocking I know… (I can safely say thanks to Ingrid, that I know have a bottle sitting proudly on my dressing table which I use every morning before I leave the house).

Once my makeup was removed Ingrid was able to see my problem areas and she tailored the facial to the current condition of my skin as opposed to just offering a bog standard facial. I found this very special and it honestly felt liked Ingrid cared, you could see her passion in trying to help repair the damage of my skin in the way she spoke about the problem areas and how she was going to help fix them. I felt like I was in good hands and when the treatment started I relaxed and awaited the pampering.

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My skin was cleansed with a delicate and nourishing cleanser that protects the skin barrier; calendula and marshmallow to soothe and provide an anti-redness effect and rose water to soothe and soften the skin. An exfoliator was then applied to eliminate dead cells and a skincare tool that uses T-sonic pulsations gently removed dead skin and unclog pores. Once the active vegetable carbon deep cleansing mask was applied, I was feeling totally relaxed and at this point I could have drifted asleep, but I stayed awake, with eagerness to see how my skin would look afterwards, the mask helped remove toxins and stimulate cell renewal. Once this was taken off a rejuvenating collagen mask with anti ageing marine collagen combined with green tea was applied to my skin which is used to hydrate and diminishes fine lines and wrinkles. Jade tools, which are these balls which roll on your face was then used to reduce toxicity and congestion.

Now I know I have big open pores which do get blocked and so when I heard this facial included extractions you could imagine my excitement, yes they are painful, but my goodness it’s the only way to get deep down and remove the congestion (which lets be honest isn’t pretty…) Once the extractions were done I had an intensive calming facial mask applied on my face, containing a unique blend of cucumber, thyme, and olive extracts to soothe and cool the skin. These two cold rollers made with artisan glass were then used on my face to smooth out lines and reduce any redness. They actually felt really nice on the skin, almost futuristic. Finally a hydrating cream is applied to seal moisture.

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Ingrid went through every cream and mask which was applied as the treatment was happening, which helped inform me and feel at ease with what ingredients were being applied, as I do have very sensitive skin. Sometimes you can just lie down, have a facial done and the beauty therapist doesn’t say a word and we all love to know what the magic ingredients are to make our skin glow. The treatment lasted 90 minutes which I have to say was such a luxury from start to finish I felt I got the royal treatment, Ingrid knows her stuff but she is also very caring and passionate, and wants to ensure she does the best job for your skin, weather it be treating dry and sensitive skin or oily and prone to spots.

After the treatment my skin felt incredibly soft and silky, my complexion was boosted and my skin was left with a youthful glow, needless to say I will be back, I would highly recommend Ingrid and her prices aren’t bank breaking either, the 90 minute facial was £99 or you could have a 30minute facial at £33.

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Written by Nyla S.