Jamaica Patty Co. – A Patty Party in Covent Garden

jampat1Ever wondered how Jamaican food could be made innovative and convenient? I did until I went down to Jamaica Patty Co. (JPC) launching in Covent on Saturday 22nd March 2014. On Thursday night I was entertained by the company’s owner Jamaican-born Theresa Roberts, her enthusiasm and love for her product made me so excited just to be in the restaurant. Theresa explained that they had been developing the tastes and flavours of their patties for over 2 years, going back and forth with their multi-award winning Jamaican chef Collin Brown. The combination of passion and a great chef has culminated in the most amazing convenience food experience since West Cornwall Pasty Company.

On to the food right? I had the immense pleasure of tasting two patties. The first was a salt fish and ackee patty, filled with the most amazing spicy filling. The ackee and salt fish were not too pungent, which is great as I know not everyone loves fish, and the taste was subtle. It was covered in the best patty pastry I have ever tasted and yes you read right EVER. I love a good patty and miss the patties I used to taste as a teenager from carnival, those homemade patties made with love and filled to the brim. (Ok I digress).

JPC Promo ImageThe second patty I had was a jerk chicken filled patty. OH MY DAYS! This patty actually had a chicken breast in it. Here is where I may sound a little sarcastic, but there have been many a time I have tried a patty and not know which part was the chicken. The congealed gel goup inside normally does not make for chicken, but this was chicken. Full on, tasty, seasoned jerk chicken! I was actually full. But there was more the Tortuga rum cake! I love when my friends go to Jamaica and bring me back a taste of the popular Tortuga rum cake and it did not disappoint me, I was sat smiling whilst eating it thinking of summers on holiday and it was perfect. Offset with some of their Blue Mountain coffee, it was the perfect end to a great meal with great company.

If you want a great place to grab lunch, dinner or just to have a bite to eat after the theatre or a night out, I 100% recommend you get down and eat their yummy patties. Furthermore say Abi sent you.

Here are the details of my new favourite hangout:

Jamaica Patty Company

26 New Row, London, WC2N 4LA