Join sex educator Portia Brown at a Zoom Work Shop this Friday!

New York based sex educator Portia Brown, creator of @froeticsexology has a strong passion for helping black femmes navigate complicated sex topics and connect with their sensuality. While there are no lack of black sex-educators out there, there are a lack of platforms and companies pushing them forward. Online sex-toy shop Kandid is no such company and has announced a collaboration with Portia to help tackle the stigma around sexual pleasure as they aim to change judgemental attitudes, particularly within sub-communities.

Kandid are a fresh-thinking sex toy company which was founded by couple, Josh and Greg. They are on a mission to bring adult toys into the mainstream as an inclusive and shame-free sexual wellness tool so this collaboration between Kandid and Portia is the perfect match. The collaboration will see Portia lead weekly Instagram live sessions and free YouTube workshops with Kandid on topics ranging from orgasmic breathing to consent, how to masturbate and body confidence.This Friday (17/07/2020), Portia’s zoom workshop is tailored for people who struggle to orgasm, or want to learn how to have multiple/different types. Topics covered will include ‘Are orgasms elusive to you?’ ‘Is squirting real? and how to make it happen?’ and ‘Have you ever wondered how you might be able to achieve multiple orgasms’?!

Portia will have all the answers to help you intensify your orgasms and achieve orgasm if you’ve never been able to before. The workshop will help you better understand the mind/body connection that make orgasms possible and give you the tools to have the orgasm of your dreams. To book tickets to Portia’s workshop visit

Kandid’s products start from £39 for a vibrator and are available online.  They come delivered in discreet, gender-neutral packaging, with a complimentary storage bag included. All vibrators are rechargeable and made from medical-grade silicone – body safe and silky smooth. To purchase visit

Madison Grey