Juici Jerk DIY Meal Kit

It’s January, It’s dull outside, lockdown number 3 has it’s full grip on us and even the walls of our kitchens are looking grey. We need colour, we need flavour, we need some SPICE. Flicking through old photographs of past trips to the Caribbean springs to mind, but we can’t experience that. What we need is an injection of Caribbean flavour, delivered directly to our door.

Luckily for us, Juici Jerk have answered our calls. As home meal kits pop up all over the place, the London based Carribean Kitchen are the first to boast restaurant quality ingredients from West Indian cuisine, and they’ll bring it to you. On receiving our kit, it was clear how much thought had gone in to making it as simple as possible to prepare the meal. All ingredients were portioned, packaged and the instructions were simple and clear. 

Our kit not only covered our jerk chicken dinner, but helped liven up the evening even further with a fruit punch and a set of instructions tempting us to add some rum (we did…obvs).

The kit included:

Marinated Chicken
Rice and peas
Plantain fries
Festival dough (basically sweet fried dunplings)
Macaroni cheese
Horseradish mayo
Fruit Punch 500ml
Jerk BBQ Sauce
Rum & Honey Sauce
Spring Onlon
Red Chilli
Flat Parsley

Did I miss anything…surely not.

What struck us about this meal kit, wasn’t just the ingredients, or even the green light to have rum, it was the quality. Once plated up the food was vibrant, tasty and we could have been eating in a genuine Carribean restaurant (even if I do say so myself).

With meal kits starting at £30, for two. We recomend you order yours from right now and bring a little Carribean zing into your life. It certainly helped brighten up our day. 

Written by Nyla S.