Kokolokahi Massage Review

THIRD_SPACE_SPA_CanaryWharf_JamieMSmith-_Selects_013 After finding my way through the maze that is Canary Wharf, I found myself in Third Space Spa. A delightful spa which seams worlds away from the health and fitness club and restaurant it is near. Currently they are offering Kokolokahi treatments. It was my job to find out all about Kokolokahi and experience the treatment itself. (It’s a hard life). It was promised that Third Space Spa would create a calming, soothing, restful environment for my mind, body and soul. It really did! I couldn’t believe there were people lifting weights next door and I couldn’t hear a thing. Arriving I noticed the comfortable seating and the tranquil relaxation rooms, which were dimly lit and looked very inviting. I wish I’d stayed longer and sat in this room after my treatment, as I never give myself time to just sit for an hour.


My lovely massage therapist, Carlie explained the new products and how they were created. The oils were developed by the brains behind Shared Beauty Secrets (the official distributor of LAVA SHELLS and Molten Lava Stones). Each Kolokahi product in the range aims to evoke an emotion based on the blend of essential oils and they allow the customer to “surrender to the elements”. I seriously needed the harmony, unity and balance to improve my mind, body and soul. I had 5 oils to choose from and you get to smell them all. It was a struggle as they all smell so deliciously fragrant and calming.

  • kokolokahi STRENGTH – Enhance your wellbeing
  • kokolokahi BALANCE – Ground your mind
  • kokolokahi SERENITY – Calm your inner peace
  • kokolokahi HARMONY – Warm your soul
  •  kokolokahi REVIVE – Elevate your aura


In the end I chose Serentity – ‘A blend of refreshing yet serene aromas to regenerate the body and harmonise the mind.  Rosewood, Lavender Alpine and Bergamot work in synergy to soothe the mind, melt away tension and rebalance the body whilst the luxurious blend of Coconut, Argan and Shea Oil work together to leave the skin hydrated and conditioned’. I could wax lyrical sentences about my massage but I won’t. It was just what I needed and reminded myself that I really should get them more often. The large amount of knots that were worked out of my back and legs was painful at times but it made me feel so good afterwards. I was extremely relaxed and even fell asleep at times.

The Kokalokahi oil itself, did what the name inspired. I did reach a level of serenity. All I could smell was peppermint, though there wasn’t actually in the bottle and it just relaxed me. I credit the oil to this as deep tissues massages generally have the opposite effect of relaxation.

Young woman relaxing during back massage at the spa.

Hurry up and book a kokolokahi massage now as it can be enhanced with the addition of one or two lava shells or hot stones. I didn’t try this but it sounds amazing. I’m adding it for my next requirement in a massage. The Kokalokahi range of oils are also available to purchase for you to use at home or as the perfect gift for someone. They’re really cute and the bottles are made from recycled glass so they’re environmentally friendly too.  What are you waiting for? Get some serenity, strength, balance, revive and harmony into your life. Your body, mind and soul will thank you for it.



Third Space

 16-19 Canada Square

 Canary Wharf


E14 5ER




 Written by Tegan LeBon

Twitter and instagram: @toogs1