Konditor& Cook Spring Menu

We were invited to the opening of the new Cake Hole in Konditor& Cook’s original branch near Waterloo, to try the botanical delights of the new menu.

Spring seemssome way from springing at the moment, but when it does, Londoners are in for a treat.  The team behind the cult classic Curly Whirly cake have been hard at work in the kitchen, and come up with a variety of delicately flavoured offerings.

The Passion Fizz cake was our favourite, (although on the night it was the Gin and Tonic cake that disappeared first).  Featuring a prosecco-soaked sponge sandwiching passionfruit curd and a delicious creamy topping, the Passion Fizz would be the perfect end to a picnic in the park.  It was the perfect blend of citrus and creaminess, with just a hint of prosecco.  We were elated to learn it was low-sugar too, because that means you can eat more of it.

The Gin & Tonic cake was a denser sponge “stippled” with Dry London Gin, given a G&T thick icing glaze and sprinkled with lime shavings, and although heavier (and stronger) than the Passion Fizz, it was delicious.  If you brought this into the office for a birthday, I doubt you’d have any to take home.

For those who are more booze-conscious, there is the non-alcoholic and scrumptious Elderflower& Gooseberry cake, featuring a mascarpone frosting reminiscent of the Konditor& Cook classics, and gooseberry jam from England Preserves.  Light, fluffy, and delicately flavoured, you don’t feel too bad about wolfing down a whole slice.

Continuing the botanicals trend, we also had a chance to sample the lovely Lavender Cookies, which really do taste of lavender.  Think basic sugar biscuit, and add a sophisticated, subtle flavour.

The only downside is, many of the cakes will only be on sale as whole cakes as opposed to individual slices, in varying sizes costing between £24 and £35, so you’ll just have to get some friends together to help you out.  We can’t wait for picnic season to start, to have an excuse to treat ourselves again to a few slices of Konditor& Cook’s latest treats.  Now if only the weather would catch up…