Mad Lab At The Madison Review

MadLab molecular cocktail masterclasses began at the Madison London from February 2018. Arriving early for the press night, we sat in the bar and had a couple of glasses of bubbly to get us excited to put on a lab coat and learn the skills of molecular mixology. We would learn how to make three different cocktail techniques: carbonation, infusion, and foam to create three Absolut Elyx vodka-based cocktails in a way that we could easily make these at home.

First off we learned about Absolut Elyx, the wheat based vodka spirit from Sweden. It had a sweet, caramel flavour to the vodka and was extremely easy to drink. Though next was where the fun really got started – making the cocktails.

We learnt the techniques for Foam, Infusion and Carbonation and began using the provided tools – all readily available to purchase on Amazon! Making the  foam with the help of a blender and vegan emulsifying/stabiliser agent using a nitrous oxide cartridge – and then how to integrate the foam into a porn star martini cocktail was a ton of fun. Not to mention absolutely delicious. The carbonated and infused cocktails were just as delicious but it was the Porn Star Martini that stole the show.

MadLab masterclasses can accommodate groups of eight to 12 people, priced at £30 a head. Book your tickets ​here​.


Address: Madison
1 New Change
St Paul’s
London, EC4M 9AF