Last Tuesday Society: Vivienne Westwood & Ian Kelly Biography

Back again. Viktor Wynd’s Cabinet of Curiosities may become a regular haunt. This time the Last Tuesday Society was presenting an introduction to Viviennne Westood’s latest book: a biography written by herself and Ian Kelly.

Introduced as one in a series form the Theatre is Fashion lectures, Kelly delivered a number of small readings from the book itself as well as anecdotal stories about working with Vivienne and her opinions on herself and the global fashion brand she has created.


As a biographer widely known for his historical figures, one of the audience questions asked whether working with a living subject was preferable. In his open and genuine manner, Kelly remained diplomatic – with a tiny glint in his eye. Beau Brummell (a previous subject of Kelley’s writing) may have left a trail of clues to the story now told of his life and work but he wasn’t there is annotate, alter, veto and vet. Potentially a huge inconvenience to the writing process; Kelly didn’t seem to mind the new challenge too much.

Another biography was cleverly being told, hiding just behind the main character and a couple of glasses of wine. This was one of a highly intelligent man with connections to Viktor Wynd, The National Theatre, Casanova, Jessie Hynd and of course, Vivienne Westwood herself. This was the story of Ian Kelly.
Another biography is waiting, waiting…

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Reporters: Helen and Hannah @PerformingLDN





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