Rebel Bingo: The Forum, UK

As I awoke on Saturday morning, I rolled out of bed and stretched it was apparent how incredibly sore I was. My neck, my legs and my arms.

As I changed I caught my reflection in the mirror. I had a rather impressive horse drawn on my stomach, an artistic interpretation of love (aka several peoples mobile phone numbers) on my back, and quite obscene statements on one leg! All in a lovely angry red pen that found me looking as if I had some terrible rash.

And then I remember the evening before.

I’d been Rebel Bingo-ed.


The bright lights, the amazing prizes, the crazy dancing and copious amounts of confetti. It was all coming back to me in a hazy blur.

A seriously awesome hazy blur.

We arrived at the forum in Kentish Town and were greeted by hordes of excited bingo-ers queuing to nab their cards and pens ready for a night of action that would blow the heads of the usually old biddy bingo crowd.


Pen in hand the fun began. Apparently I’m the world’s worst bingo player. I kept getting distracted and missing numbers, however I seemed really good at writing on people and getting drawn on! Who needs a new bicycle anyway?

As the night went on the cheering got louder and the dancing more erratic. When the bingo concluded the callers heckling was replaced by some cracking tunes. I’m talking Beyonce and Sean Paul to old skool hip hop and 80’s disco.


A truly stand out evening. Crazy with a capital C, and we will be back. Any time, any country, any venue.

Are you ready to be Rebel Bingo-ed?

Reporter: Aspen Glencross @GollumCrackCorn


Twitter: @rebelbingo