LAVA Shell Massage Review at Salon Savant

The idea of someone massaging you, as we all know is total bliss. Its the one time you can fully relax and let a stranger release tension and massage those pesky knots away. A lot of that has to do with the magic touch of their hands, so when I heard about a LAVA shell massage I was intrigued to know more and so I got myself booked in for a LAVA shell massage at the newly opened Salon Savant. Located just a five minute walk from Kings Cross station.

Salon Savant only opened a couple of months ago and it already has tongues wagging. The interior is beautiful, a bright open reception with decadent marbled walls. I was greeted by the owner and got the low down on the story of each marbled wall, which has been tastefully designed differently throughout the salon. One of the marbled walls changes colour according to the light and the angle you look at it, its quite magical.

Before my treatment I was given a consultation, where I discussed my main worries of tight muscles and knots, as you better believe when you spend a lot of time behind a computer its quite common to build up a lot of tension. The LAVA shell massage uses a combination of heat and touch. Before the treatment I was asked to choose what oil I would like from a selection of kokolokahi body oils. I choose the ‘clarity’ oil, with the aim this would help with focus. Oil was applied to my body and the heated shells were used to apply pressure to my back to ease the tension and knots, with long smooth gliding strokes. I’ve had a hot stone massage in the past, so I’m aware of the different felling of having an object massage me instead of hands and I must say I was thoroughly impressed. My therapist was a pro when it came to using the LAVA shells on my body, easing pain and relaxing my whole body.

The LAVA Shell massage can also be used to treat other concerns such as IBS and bloating. I voiced my concerns of IBS when asked and my therapist worked her magic by using the LAVA shells over my stomach to help treat the affected area. It was a little painful at first, but the more she worked the area, the more I became relaxed and energised.

LAVA shells gets their healing powers from a mix of minerals including algae, dead sea salt and essential oils. This beautiful blend of ingredients creates a chemical reaction inside the shell to produce heat. The LAVA shells also give off calcium ions which leaves the skin looking firmer.

After the massage I felt a lot more relaxed, but not only my body, my mind was calm as too. My muscle tension didn’t feel so tight and I was ready to conquer the day ahead. The feeling had me thinking, each day should start off like this. If it did imagine what great things could come from us all?

The LAVA shell massages start from £80


Address: 108 – 110 Judd street, Kings Cross, London, WC1H 9PX

Written by Nyla S.