Cocktail Time Machine

This February, the team behind the award-winning ‘The Murdér Express’ Funicular Productions, are inviting Londoners to leap into an immersive time travel experience like no other. Aptly launching on a Leap year ( Saturday 29th February) at brand new East London venue Timeless Bar, Cocktail Time Machine will offer a one of a kind cocktail themed experience where guests will travel back in time and space to enjoy some of the world’s greatest cocktails at the moment of their inception.

The 75-minute experience will transport guests through 3 decades and locations, each with a delicious cocktail to match the heritage of the time. Once finished, they can continue back in modern day in Timeless bar, taking advantage of it’s all day happy hour! True to its name, Timeless Bar exists completely out of the realms of the time space continuum, so as minutes melt into hours, guests can stay and enjoy the drinks for as long as they desire. There will also be edible timeless classics, with snacks like original biltong, whipped cod’s roe potato skins, and sage risotto with thyme running alongside the drink’s menu.

Date: Launching 29th February 2020
Times: Wednesday/Thursday/Friday 6pm onwards, Saturday 1pm onwards, Sunday 2pm onwards,

Tickets from £36 and can be purchased here.
Address: Timeless Bar, Sidworth Street, London, E8 3SD

Written by Jordan Crowley