Logic Compact Review

The UK’s leading capsule vaping brand, Logic has released the Logic Compact. This boasts a sleek, pocket-sized design which offers a stylish and convenient vaping experience.

Available now in vape stores and online for only £17.50, the device is modern, sleek and pocket-sized. Each device allows vapers around 300 puffs per pod which are sold for £5.99 for two pods. The device also comes in three metallic slate grey, steel blue and rose gold.

The Logic Compact is super easy to use and the fact that it was rechargeable (with only just over an hour charging time) made a big difference. The biggest benefit of the Logic Compact was that changing e-liquid pods was made easy and convenient thanks to magnets that click everything into place. I’ve certainly broken a few vapes previously due to the difficulties I’ve had changing the e-liquid pods.

In terms of flavours the magnetic 1.7ml pods are pre-filled in a choice of tobacco, menthol, berry mint or cherry flavour e-liquids. The berry mint flavour was my favourite out of the two flavours I was sent.

To celebrate Logic Compact’s stylish design, Logic has collaborated with renowned designer, Pearl Lowe, to create the London Logic, the perfect stylish companion for the device. Pearl’s ‘London Logic’ will only be available as part of an online exclusive starter pack. For more information and to purchase the Logic Compact, visit

Always remember Nicotine is an addictive substance and I tried these to help me stop smoking – so far it’s working.

Chloe Mills.