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LOVENpresents Kickstarter Campaign

The LOVENpresents team are nearing the end of their Kickstarter campaign! With only a week to go the guys are digging in deep, and serving pizza until their doughy hands fall off! Pizza and wine for £10? We say yyeeessss!!!


A note from Kate and Fabrizio:

“We are trying to raise the money through a now widely-used and successful crowd-funding platform; this means we need the power of the crowd, as many people to get on board and pledge as little (£10 for a pizza and a glass of wine?) or as large (1 year’s worth of artwork and handcrafted products?) as they are able.

The idea is that you are not just donating us your money, you are buying a meal, or artwork, pizza lessons, a t-shirt or a birthday party in advance of us opening and then delivering. We have set our target at £20,000 because we have calculated this is what we need in rent, fees and start-up costs etc. to develop and move our little pizza pop-up ( from its current home at our studio, to a new location.

The rules of the campaign is that we will only receive and you will only give the pledges if and when we hit our goal of £20k. If this target is not reached then we won’t receive a penny and you won’t be charged anything. IT’S AN ALL OR NOTHING SITUATION. Please click on the link above, watch (and laugh) at our video, read our project description and choose a reward. The process is simple and only takes a few minutes, but then more importantly, please can you pass on our campaign to anyone and everyone you think would be interested in a concept such as ours! Please write, email, blog, tweetfacebook,instagram, pinterest, snail mail, a postcard, tell your neighbours, friends, family, work colleagues, the postman, vet, fishmonger, guy in the builders merchant that apparently makes sculpture in his spare time! Whoever!

And finally (sorry) a huge heart felt THANK-YOU to all of you who have already supported us. It has been a wonderful help to experience your enthusiasm and belief in what we are doing and trying to achieve.”

So head down this Thursday and Sunday, and make their dream a reality!
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