Press Play Cool Runnings ‘On The Ice’

They just don’t make films like they used to. All these new fancy films with their crazy awesome graphics and fantastical stories. All I can say it’s a good job there’s some cheeky pop ups screening all the oldies, especially one where say the Jamaican bobsleigh team makes it to he Olympics…

However not only did We Press Play show the old John Candy classic, they did it with style.

Enter Aspen and chum to Queensway Bowl and Ice rink where it was time for some pre-film arcade gaming before heading into the Jamaican themed bar. The bar had been transformed into a Jamaican haven with bath tubs (Jamaican Bobsleigh maybe…..?), reggae tunes and skin tight Lycra everywhere.


After being handed a token at the door we wandered through chatting to the guests and nabbed some complimentary hot rum punch (possibly the sweetest yummiest punch ever!) and a bag of Propercorn. Then it was time to head out onto the ice (strategically covered with grippy matting) and park ourselves on some rather comfy chairs.


I say with a heavy heart that sadly team Jamaica didn’t win this time, however we had a cracking evening with cheering, clapping and several guys down the front quoting the film a little too well.


There was even some post film ice based shenanigans to get involved in! With the front row being served in mini bobsleighs it was like a red rag to a bull (alcohol + ice + bobsleighs = fun!)

Again Press Play have put an awesome twist on the conventional cinema experience. What will they do next? Buckingham palace? St. Pancras crypt? In space!?

Reporter: Aspen Glencross @gollumcrackcorn & Leximon

Website: www.wepressplay.co.uk/