MadLab at Madison London.

MadLab molecular cocktail masterclasses will begin at the Madison London from February 2018. Put on that lab coat and learn the skills of molecular mixology. You’ll learn three cocktail techniques: carbonation, infusion, and foam to create three Absolut Elyx vodka-based cocktails of their choice. Think such cocktails as the Apple Strudel, Old Fashion or even the Cosmopolitan. Sounds good… Well we can’t wait!

What are Foam, Infusion and Carbonation techniques. Well we’ve been told participants will learn how make a foam with the help of a blender and vegan emulsifying/stabiliser agent using a nitrous oxide cartridge – and then how to integrate the foam into a cocktail. Next you’ll make an instant infusion with a cream whipper and a nitrous oxide cartridge. You’ll then create a cocktail with the infused spirit and learn how to use a torch to caramelise the garnish. Finally, you’ll learn to master a carbonated cocktail with a cream whipper and CO2 cartridge, before using the torch to scorch the garnish.

MadLab masterclasses can accommodate groups of eight to 12 people, priced at £30 a head. Book your tickets ​here​.


Address: Madison
1 New Change
St Paul’s
London, EC4M 9AF




Written by Tegan LeBon