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Missguided’s June 21st Starter Pack!

Today on April Fools Day, they’re launching THREE brand new, post-lockdown night out must-haves keeping British weather in mind – think of it as a June 21st starter pack..!  

  1. Dress including luxury raincoat hood to protect hair from rain
  2. Dress with detachable sleeves AND leggings to avoid streaking fake tan
  3. Shoes with comfort in mind – heels with a revolutionary adjustable heel height… perfect to get feet used to wearing heels again after a year in slippers!! 

Bad hair? Don’t know her… meet the 21st June essential item to keep your lockdown exit hair intact. Cos let’s be real, it’s definitely gonna rain.

Introducing the dress you need in your life if you love your fake tan as much as us. Just add your detachable sleeves and leggings at the first sign of rain to avoid any streaks… Problem solved!

When it’s been over a year since you’ve worn a pair of heels… enter the adjustable barely there. Fitted with two heel options, you can give yourself a break at any point during your first night out (so no excuses for leaving early!)