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MOOSE Cocktail Set

As lockdown starts to ease ever so slowly across the nation, we start to anticipate what it might be like to see our friends, dine in a restaurant and drink in a bar.  We couldn’t wait any longer to try out a new cocktail so we were delighted when Moose, the mountain spirit sent us a complete cocktail set to mix up something new at home. 

MOOSE is a unique, almost floral spirit made in the Mountains of Austria. It’s blend of mint, gentian, nettle and pine with canadian maple syrup and chilli, which gives it a sweet herby flavour.

The cocktail set itself contained all the ingredients and equipment to make 2 cocktails from their nicely designed cocktail recipe booklet enclosed. 

The pack included:
1 x Cocktail Shaker, with FREE personalised engraving 

1 x Bar Spoon 


1 x 20cl bottle of MOOSE – The Mountain Spirit 

2 x 20cl bottles of Fever-Tree Soda Water

Fresh Mint and Limes

Maple Syrup 

1 x MOOSE Story and Cocktails Recipe Book

This was everything we needed to make and enjoy  a Chilli & Maple Daiquiri and a MOOSE Mojito.

Our favourite was the Daiquiri. The sweet, herby and ever so slightly warm liquid, looked and tasted great in a margarita glass. Not that we’d give up our day jobs but we started to feel quite the mixologists.

The Mojitos were certainly a twist on the name, possibly less sweet than the classic you may come to expect, but the more experienced cocktail master would be able to rectify this.

All in all we loved our cocktail night in and the pack itself was delightful, well presented and more than well equipped. It would make a great gift idea. 

The cocktail set costs just £35.00 and can be purchased online:

Written by Nyla S.

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