Morelli’s Gelato Covent Garden Review

Tis true, I am a fitness enthusiast and health conscious individual, but that does not mean that I never allow myself to stray from my usual wholefoods diet and treat from time to time. When the opportunity came for me to sample a new gelato parlour in Central London I expressed my keen interest. In the heart of Covent Garden Market lies a compact yet intimate Italian ice cream parlour by the name of Morelli’s Gelato.

Upon entering the premises my guest and I were greeted by friendly staff, high ceilings and the most beautiful chandelier I have seen in a long while! Whilst taking in the fascinating architecture, colour pattern and fantastic lighting, Daniel (an employee at Morelli’s) took it upon himself to brief us on the history of Morelli’s whilst also informing us that the matching serving glasses to the shops colour scheme, ornaments, wall mosaic and the aesthetically pleasing chandelier were all handcrafted in Italy for Morelli’s Gelato, thus bringing a real feel of authenticity to the premise.

lime-and-basil (1)We pondered over the menu for at least 10 minutes, going back and forth with our decisions on what to have (this is what happens we I’m faced with too much choice) but must mention, never did we once feel pressured into making a hasty decision. This is something I greatly appreciated earning brownie points as all too often a person’s decisiveness is usually met with impatience and annoyance from the person serving them.

After sampling a few different gelato flavours including lime and fresh basil (which was different but oh sooo divine), pineapple and hazelnut, my taste buds at the time were screaming for something chocolaty so therefore ultimately decided that I would attempt to conquer Morelli’s most popular sundae, the Morelli’s Bacio.

This huge sundae was made using a scoop of vanilla, hazelnut, whipped cream, lashings of rich chocolate sauce topped with chopped nuts! If that wasn’t enough to spike my sugar levels it also came with a Morelli’s wafer, chocolate stick and small serving of warm, gooey hazelnut flavoured chocolate (think melted Nutella).

Despite my guest originally wanting to opt for a cone, I coaxed her into having a Sundae too. She chose Morelli’s Banana Nut Sundae which was made in a smaller glass compared to mine with similarities to mine with the addition of chopped bananas and caramel sauce.

As the premises is not big enough to house indoor seating, we made our way to the designated Morelli’s tables and chairs just outside and each requested a hot chocolate in a bid to keep us warm from the near freezing temperatures and biting wind that numbed our exposed hands at the time.

We didn’t have to wait too long before our sundaes were brought over to us. We were blown away by the presentation of both sundaes and were an absolute joy to eat! The gelato itself was incredibly soft, flavourful yet nowhere near as heavy as traditional ice cream usually is on ones stomach. I finished my Sundae with ease (I actually devoured it in quick succession) and even helped my guest when she struggled to eat a quarter of hers!


Our hot chocolates came the same time as our Sundaes but were equally left feeling a little disappointed as hot our beverages were not even warm upon taking our first sip. We brought this to the attention of Daniel who, in fairness was extremely apologetic and took the time to explain in depth the issue they currently experience in keeping hot drinks warm during colder months when they are exposed to cold and gusty conditions.

Add to the equation of serving the hot drinks in a ceramic mug and you begin to understand the losing battle Morelli’s staff face. Upon finishing our Sundaes, we did order another hot chocolate each to take with us which received no complaints as it was nice and hot, just like you’d expect a hot beverage to be.

In conclusion Morelli’s Gelato is fantastic venue to visit, and with over 25 flavours to choose from, there is something to satisfy every taste bud going whilst soaking up the unique atmosphere Covent Garden brings. I for one am looking forward to introducing Morelli’s Gelato to my girlfriends when the climax gets a little warmer and would encourage you to visit this gem in the heart of Covent Garden too if you love authentic Italian gelato!

Morelli’s Gelato is open Monday – Saturday 11 am – 8 pm and Sunday 11 am to 7 pm.


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This article was written by Danielle Watson, a 1st Dan kickboxing coach and freelance health, fitness, green beauty and lifestyle journalist whose creative writing, thoughts and reviews can be found via her own lifestyle site.