Health and wellness workshop from MAIA well co

Living in a city, especially London, makes you very familiar with the words STRESS (!!), BUSY (!) and LATE (!!!). Taking time out for yourself is important for your own well-being, but sometimes another pint or glass of wine just won’t cut it, and you still don’t quite feel calm…

Enter MAIA well co. who are hosting a health and wellness workshop on the 22nd of April. The workshop will include a one hour pilates class, which includes postural analysis, followed by a class to build strength and flexibility. All the while, your teacher will be helping you to relax and invite calmness into your life, so that you leave with skills that help you minimise stress and maximise zen.

It’s all you need to transform your approach to city living, just pick a time slot that works for you (11am, 1pm or 3pm), and let MAIA well co. do the rest. Classes are held at Nurse the Soul Studio, Notting Hill.

Tickets are only £15.78 and can be purchased here.


Address: Nurse the Soul Studio, Notting Hill, London, W11 2PA