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Mother Clucker Pop-Up at The Cat and Mutton Broadway Market

Mother Clucker (noun.)

Someone who makes DAMN fine fried chicken.

You….mother…..CLUCKER! *drool*

Well it’s yet to be published in the Oxford English Dictionary, but the seed has been sown. The Mother Clucker epidemic is spreading and their most recent pit stop is The Cat and Mutton on Broadway Market.

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A consistently bustling pub, The C&M goes bat shit cray on a Saturday with the weekly market. However the pub is even busier midweek with their new poultry addition.

The menu is bird based (no shit Sherlock?) with the likes of buttermilk fried wings and the motherclucker burger on offer, plus the guys have added a few fancy extras. Cajun fries, cornbread, green salad and Mac & cheese are just of a few extras to grace the menu.

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The chicken was the main event for sure. Super thick and crispy seasoned batter encased sweet and juicy wings. A juicy burger with lime Mayo to smother your fries in, and that little juicy salad topped with pickled cucumber to make you green and healthy.

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The salad was a great addition, made us feel like we were getting at least one of our 5-a-day! (Unless potatoes count…?). The Cajun spiced fries added a nice bit of heat to our platter and were ace for mopping up leftover lime mayo.

What more could a girl wish for?

Snacks start from £5 and mains are £8 (or a huuuuge bucket for £12!). The guys properly launch on Wednesday 24th August get dowwwnnnn there for some sweet sweet chicken lovin’… Or chicken Mclovin’ maybe…..


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