Mother Restaurant Review

There is no shortage of Italian restaurants in London, with menus jam-packed full of pizzas and pastas, but what if you fancy more than that? This is where I introduce you to Mother, serving up fresh rustic Italian food with a brunch offering to make your heart melt.

What caught my attention was their brunch offering, which caters for more than just poached eggs and salmon. The buffet, offers fresh scrumptious dishes, where you will find quinoa, roasted vegetables, salads, cold meats, pastas and yes of course the beloved pizza.

Mother was built on the ethos of everyone should have the right to enjoy fresh and organic produce, mother’s mission is to democratise good quality food and wine. Born in the meatpacking district of Copenhagen, I must say it’s a real treat to have Mother in London.

Brunch is served from 11am – 3pm, every weekend priced at £8.50 for kids and £17.00 for adults. Now you may think this is a tad pricey for adults, but here is where I stop you in your tracks. You are honestly tasting fresh organic ingredients in your meal and it’s all you can eat, which includes desserts…

We got to feast our eyes on about 12 different dishes to choose from, and when I say choose from, I mean we we can try every single dish! We went for a good selection of roasted vegetables with quiona, buckwheat and beans. We could taste how fresh and well seasoned each dish was. It’s Italian food at it’s finest! If of course you do fancy some eggs, they offer that too, freshly cooked at your request.

Their trademark sourdough pizzas, made with seawater and baked in a wood-fired oven are a real treat too. We had one made fresh for us, half with cheese and the other half without, which catered nicely for me, being lactose-intolerant. The chefs are very friendly and welcoming and you will see them cooking pizzas right by the buffet. So if you have any dietary requirements, they will be happy to help. The pizza was delicious and tasted very light and healthy, which is the result of the sourdough they use and the purified seawater.

Although we were pretty full, we did manage to head on over to the desserts bar, where we got a couple of freshly made muffins, you will also expect to find pastries, granola, yogurt and fresh fruit. Like I said £17.00 is a bargain!

Mother is located at the Battersea Power station. It’s located at the first railway arch at Circus West Village, brick walls, an open front, and some pretty powerful heaters to keep the restaurant nice and cosy. It was an enjoyable dining experience, and the fresh dishes were a real treat.

We shall certainly be back!


2 Arches Lane
SW11 8AB

Instagram: @mother_ldn

Written by Nyla S.