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Moving Mountains Hotdog!

On the 6th May, the vegan favourite Unity Diner played host to launch of the World’s First Food Tech Meatless Hot Dog by Moving Mountains.

Unlike any other vegan hot dog on the market, Moving Mountains has used food technology, natural ingredients and incredible scientific processes to turn sunflower seeds into a vitamin rich hot dog.

As a fan of their ‘bleeding’ burgers, I had very high expectations for their hot dog and oh boy did they not fail to disappoint. Finely presented in a classic hot dog bun with mustard, ketchup and fried onions accompanied with Unity Diners extra large onion rings, this hot dog went down a real treat. Not only does this plant based beauty look like a real Frankfurter, the taste is uncanny to that of a pork sausage. So much so that as like when I first tried burger, I had to second guess
myself that I was actually eating meat free food that actually tastes good.

The Moving Mountains hot dogs are currently available at Unity Diner in Shoreditch. However if that is too far out of your reach do not fret as the brand is currently in talks with retailers to launch in supermarkets this year.

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