Club Pilates UK

Nab a Workout with the World’s Largest Pilates Brand

Club Pilates continues its UK roll out with new studio in Wapping

Club Pilates, which is the world’s largest Pilates brand, a big feat given the growing popularity of the class, has pushed beyond 1,000 locations globally.

We were intrigued by the rapid growth of the brand and decided to head down and try a class for ourself. There are now two London-based studios open in Bankside and Fulham Broadway as the UK is marked as the next destination for growth, with Wapping announced as the location for Club Pilates’ third UK studio opening later this summer.

Residing down south, I headed to my nearest in Bankside. The studio was light and airy, with spanning windows that let in all of the natural sunlight. I opted to do a hybrid workout including elements of Reformer and my absolute favourite class, TRX.

Initially, the class was mat-based, utilising the TRX cables through a series of strength exercises, with special attention on the core. It certainly got you shaking. The final element of the workout was a series of stretches and reps on the reformer itself.

The class was challenging, but we were expertly walked through each step and exercise, as well as given clear demonstrations on how to alter the machinery if needed. We all broke a sweat, but weren’t puffing and panting, which is the beauty of Pilates – it’s challenging, but achievable and enjoyable. I would highly recommend a class here.

Outside of the option I went for, the brand distinguishes itself by enhancing the 50-minute class experience with 11 different pieces of equipment, including the EXO Chair, Bosu Ball, Triggerpoint, TRX, Barre, and more. Notably, Club Pilates is also the first Pilates organisation to introduce a proprietary 500-hour Teacher Training Programme, ensuring Pilates is accessible to everyone, fostering community, and delivering holistic fitness experiences.

Breaking away from the elitist perception of Pilates, Club Pilates studios offer accessible and diverse class options with eight different formats and four levels to choose from, their most popular classes, Reformer Flow, Cardio Sculpt and CP Suspend. 

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