Negroni Week 2020– At Home Edition

Negroni week has officially been postponed until Sep 2020 in the hope that once again we’ll be able to give this classic centenary cocktail the celebration it deserves. We look forward to visiting our much-loved bars and restaurants whilst also helping to raise money for charitable causes.

As the weather is warming up, this aromatic drink is the perfect refreshing elixir so lets celebrate what would have been Negroni Week (1-7th June) with three delicious recipes to help you create your perfect Negroni at home. No mixology skills are required although you can serve it up with a bit of flair (Tom Cruise ‘Cocktail’ impression optional), just three key ingredients in equal ratios, throw in some ice and garnish it couldn’t be easier. 

With its combination of bitter sweet flavours, theres no fitting drink to comfort our bitter sweet memories of happier times pre lockdown. Raise a ruby glass, à la Great Gatsby and enjoy a virtual aperitivo hour (or hours) with friends, well it’s ‘Negroni O’clock’ somewhere in the world.  … Saluti!

Cotswolds Dry Gin Negroni  

Place 25ml Cotswolds Dry Gin, 25ml Campari Bitters and 25ml Sweet Vermouth into an ice-filled Old Fashioned glass. Stir and serve with a twist of fresh grapefruit peel.

RRP: £34.95 for 70cl. ABV: 46%. Available from: Cotswoldsdistillery.comWaitroseMajesticOddbinsLaithwaitesHarvey NicholsSelfridges and Fortnum and Mason.

STARLINO Rosso Negroni  

Add 25ml Starlino Rosso, 25ml Campari, 25ml Gin to an Old Fashioned glass. Stir and serve with a twist of fresh orange peel and a maraschino cherry.

RRP: £23.00 for 75cl. ABV: 17%. Available fromAmazon

Jaisalmer Indian Craft Gin Negroni  

Add 25ml Jaisalmer Indian Craft Gin, 25ml Sweet Vermouth and 25ml Campari. Stir all the ingredients over ice in a rocks glass for 20 seconds, until chilled. Top with ice and garnish with an orange peel twist.

RRP: £34.95 for 70cl. ABV: 43%. Available fromThe Whisky Exchange

Written by: Eboni Addoh