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New Year, New Fashionspiration

High Waisted Shorts from
High Waisted Shorts from

When the New Year comes around I make it a point to give myself the challenge to switch up my wardrobe. Last year happened to be the year of monochrome (I tell you now, the fashion world stole my idea). Now that 2014 has arrived it’s time to challenge myself once again, but first inspiration is needed –of course, Tumblr is my personal favourite platform for this.
After extensive research and serious decision making, my fashion inspirations for this year will be Alexa Chung and Solange Knowles. Alexa is an icon, hands down, without a doubt, argue as much as you want my ears are blocked. Her style is refined and relaxed, easy going but still elegant. She kind of reminds me of a late 90s dream, sharp edge collar button ups, skinny jeans and an ultra sleek leather jacket. Alexa is effortlessly stylish and who doesn’t want to be like that? Without a doubt I will be living in boyfriend jeans, chunky boots and white shirts this year.
As for Solange Knowles, I can’t fault her unique style even if I tried. Her vibrancy and confidence to wear daring colours and patterns screams icon. I’ll be adding bright shirts and high-waisted shorts to my wardrobe as soon as the sun shows its face in Britain. Along with a few floral bralets, because florals will never get old –it’s vintage. Like Solange’s style.
I pose the questions: are you changing up your style this year? And who is you fashion inspiration?

Written by Emmy.

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