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There is no doubt there has been a rise in popularity with natural skincare and it’s because we are becoming more and more wise to how detrimental nasty chemicals are to our skin, found in a lot of high street brands. So when we find a good natural skincare brand we like to give them props! Our recent find is Novel Beauty, we came across them when we visited their pop up store in Shoreditch last month.

I was wowed by the passion of the founder Nneka and was overjoyed by the skincare products I came across along with their beautiful smelling scents and not forgetting the soya candles.

The Poor Man’s Rose gift set is one to feast your eyes on, it features a raw sugar scrub for the one thousand and one thoughts and feelings that pass through the mind daily. It is a sensuously aromatic blend, which polishes and conditions the skin with the dark earthiness of raw cane sugar and Shea butter, whilst also playing on your senses with papaya fruit and grape seed oil.  And Platonic Dialogue – a daylight cream, that inspires you to find yourself through your own reasoning. With an abundance of vitamins from Aloe Vera, seaweed, sesame, apricot and geranium rose oil.  £43, 2 x 100ml

Travel Stories is another gift set, which includes: Imaginary Voyage an enriched raw sea salt scrub that reminds you a voyage of discovery starts within your mind. This natural exfoliant helps balance the skin, improve hydration, and strengthen the protective barrier of the skin with minerals. Ginger root oil also warms the system and tangerine oil relieves your mind. And Irony, a deeply moisturising Shea butter which suggests what appears on the surface, to be the case, can differ radically from what is actually the case. This is a rich moisturiser which repairs and regenerates your skin with Shea butter, rosehip, avocado and sweet almond oil.

Not only do we love the products but the packaging, certainly gets a few heads turning! The Novel Beauty products are housed in a beautiful refillable book. These books are designed to keep and be replenished with generous jars called Refill Chapters.

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