Number 90 Review

While walking from the station in Hackney Wick, an imposing burst of colors reassures that you have arrived to Number 90 – The spectacular mural that blends street art and finer strokes makes you want to stop and admire it before you walk in.

This is not a typical venue, you will not walk in and just stumble upon the bar, in Number 90 we were greeted with live art in action just above the counter and wonderful staff that walked us to a table right next to the canal.

For starters we decided to share the beef brisket dirty fries and the the pulled pork and coleslaw on a activated charcoal bun, and we were not disappointed, the brisket was cooked to perfection, it was tender and it pulled together all the flavours of the dish, while the beautifully decorated Bao Bun brought us to a completely different experience of what we have now named “comfort food on steroids” fluffy, cloud-like bun and tender pulled pork injected with a miraculous barbecue sauce.

While waiting for the mains, we sneaked into Studio 92/94 through the connecting terrace for a small tour to admire some of the spectacular street art pieces showcased. We got so immerse in the food-meets-art experience and the stories behind each work that we lost track of time and ran back to find a beautifully presented avocado burger with a crunchy and flavorful veggie patty and a tasty sauce that complemented it, we found this to be pleasing not just to the taste buds but also aesthetically – is apparently as close as street food gets to a delicacy, and it’s shockingly moreish.

We spent the rest of the evening enjoying the environment of a now fully booked Number 90, with a live music show that made the event even more lively, while artists kept painting above the bar. While walking out of a wonderful experience, we agreed – we were in Hackney heaven.


Address: 90 Main Yard, Wallis Road, HACKNEY WICK, E9 5LN London



Written by Kellie Erm