ONE LDN Fitness Club is set to launch a bespoke transformation programme based on the menstrual cycle

One LDN Fitness Club is launching a bespoke transformation programme based on the menstrual cycle. Launching in January 2021, the concept is unique and hasn’t been done before.

Having gone through an egg freezing process, Evgenia Koroleva, owner / founder of ONE LDN Fitness Club began her research into the powerful effects of hormones on female bodies throughout the menstrual cycle, and how this can be harnessed to maximise results when training.

According to research, during the first two weeks of an average 28 day menstrual cycle the female body’s primary use of fuel is carbs. Following ovulation this switches to using to using fat as a primary fuel source. If you are focussing on high intensity training when when your body is naturally fuelling with fat then the body goes into fight or flight mode meaning it is much harder to lose weight. You could be left feeling like despite your rigorous workout routine you aren’t seeing changes or even worse, burning out. So in order to achieve the optimal results, it isn’t just training hard and eating the right foods but when and how you do it is important.

The CURVE programme, available from 25th January for a flat fee of £350, is a Female Body Transformation program that will last an average of 8 weeks (so 2 average cycles) but pending your natural cycle, which varies woman to woman, it will be fully personalised so it might be slightly longer or shorter. It will push you hard when your body is at its most capable and teach you to pull back when the rest and recovery needs to be prioritised. The nutritional guidance is designed to not only help women achieve their goals in the most sustainable way, but also to fuel their training correctly depending on the time of the month, support recovery and reduce symptoms throughout the cycle. Following an initial one to one online consultation, it will include daily email guidance on nutrition, exercise (follow along video workout tutorials 5 times a week), recovery and supplementation guidance and weekly check ins to track progress.

Evgenia says “Professional female athletes use menstrual cycle tracking with their training as a powerful tool to enhance their performance and recovery but hardly anyone looks at it as part of their regular exercise programming. We want women to take control of their bodies and with this programme we are really thinking about how to work with your body and not against it to achieve the optimal long lasting results based on the time of the month.”

The Curve launches 25th January
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