OXBO Bankside’s Bottomless Brunch


Situated in Hilton Hotel in the London Borough of Southwark, Oxbo Bankside is extremely modern compared to the old buildings surrounding it. Upon arrival we were shown to our seats and left to our devices. This was a little disappointing as my friend and I weren’t sure of how the bottomless brunch worked. After hailing down a waiter who explained that Oxbo Bankside’s Bottomless Brunch brings a new meaning to term Bottomless Brunch. Not only is bottomless Prosecco or Cava included in the price, the meal itself is ‘all you can eat’. We were to help ourselves to unlimited starters and the waffle/egg/pancake bar before the mains would be brought to us. It would be then up to us to help ourselves to the dessert buffet. The waiters would top up our glasses of champagne throughout our two hour sitting.

Now with more of an idea of where to start, my friend and I wandered over to the starter buffet. Spoilt for choice, I was starting to regret my tight jeans I’d worn to brunch. I should have borrowed ‘Joey’s thanksgiving pants’ for this meal! The start buffet has every meal option available to make from salad to cold meats to fresh fish. The tiger prawns are to die for and reminded me of Christmases back in Australia. All that was missing was the Thousand Island dressing and I wouldn’t have even made it to the other courses available.

IMG_6522Next my friend and I talked the Waffle, Pancake and Egg Station. I chose to indulge with a waffle, rather than my usual Eggs Benedict brunch choice was definitely the right choice. Two small fluffy waffles were provided me to decorate myself. I chose chocolate sauce, popping candy, cream, marshmallows and peanuts for one and berry compote, , 100 and 1000’s, cream and white chocolate stars for the second one. At this stage of the meal I was declaring I’d go back to OXBO Bankside just for the waffles.

Wondering how my friend and I were going to make it through the main course and desserts, we chose to give our stomachs a short rest and enjoy some of the Cava that was being served. Unfortunately our glasses were filled as quickly as they have been at other brunches, this could have been because by this stage the restaurant had become quite busy or OXBO Bankside would rather you fill yourself up on the amazing food rather than booze.

The main courses are three hot dishes, served as sharing plates on the table and the food provided could have easily fed another one or two people. OXBO Bankside is certainly more generous when it comes to portion sizes. As the menu changes weekly, this week were luckily enough to have Braised Ox Cheek with celeriac puree and Bacon Onion Spaetzie, Pan Fried Sea Bream with Crushed potatoes, green beans, tomatoes, chive, beuree blanc and Mushroom, Gorgonzola and Walnut Ravioli with Ruby Chard and Sun Brush tomatoes. The Ox Cheek was tender and melted away while the Pan Fried Sea Bream was cooked to perfection. I must know their secret to their crushed potatoes as these were marvellous.IMG_6521

Not sure at this stage how my friend and I could fit any more food in, we’d being doing the restaurant a disservice if we didn’t try the Dessert Buffet. Now this Dessert Buffet is what I’m sure heaven looks like. There are so many options to choose from and plenty of gluten free options for the gluten intolerant.  Pastries, custards, fruit, cheese, brownies, trifles, mousse, sorbets, tarts and jars of sweets. It’s a sweet lover’s paradise and I for one wasn’t going to let a little thing such as a full belly stop me from enjoying a Raspberry tart, a Raspberry Custard, a Margarita Sorbet and a handful of sweets. I really could of gone crazy at the dessert buffet, but I thought I’d leave until my next visit.


Throughout the entire meal, diners were treated to the dulcet acoustic tones of Ben Hackett ( which just added to the ambience of our brunch experience. I really hope he’s a regular part of OXBO Bankside because sitting in corner with the stuffed heads above his, he really did fit in perfectly.

The OXBO Bankside’s Bottomless Brunch is available on Saturday for only £40 which is probably a little pricey compared with other Bottomless Brunches around London but trust me, the food is definitely worth it. Book your table now

Hilton London Bankside,

2-8 Great Suffolk Street,

London SE1 0UG

0207 5933 900

[email protected]