Pizza Storm Review

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The end of last year, Pizza Storm landed in Wandsworth, hot on the heels of restaurants in Nottingham and Newcastle. Bringing their brand of fast and fresh pizza to London for the first time. The restaurant itself is a big open spacious site on the corner of Wandsworth’s Southside Shopping Centre.

The huge pizza oven in the corner dominates the room, in front of it sits a bar of every ingredient you could imagine putting on a pizza, all looking deliciously fresh and inviting. Pizza Storm is simplicity itself, they do pizza or salad, with a decent but by now means extensive selection of soft drinks beers and wines. Once you’ve made the decision between the thin crispy pizza base or your salad bowl you slide down the topping bar, and maybe go for some garlic bread bites or spicy wedges if the urge takes you.

Choosing the create your own option I went for a bizarre combination of anything I thought looked good! So my pizza went sliding along in a haze of different cheeses, BBQ sauce, sweetcorn, olives, bacon, mushrooms, garlic, and chilli and topped off with a freshly cracked free range egg! You can also choose one of the Pizzastorm originals, if you fancy something where there has been some thought gone into the selection – Sunny Side Erupt was definitely a winner.

Then take a seat and wait for your creation, perhaps with a slight sense of anticipation if you’ve been as adventurous as I had! Luckily there’s not long to wait, 3 minutes is all it takes in the furnace in the corner before your heading back to collect the steaming delicious looking pizza. Perfectly crisp retaining all the freshness of the ingredients going into it. Its everything you’d expect and more, nothing clever just perfectly cooked pizza.

Overall Pizzastorm went well beyond my expectations, I thought it offered both great quality and even better value for money. They also do takeaway which, judging by the number of deliveroo drivers coming in and out while we were there is a pretty popular option too, and why not, their pizzas certainly rival the big name takeaways. If what they’re serving up in Wandsworth is anything to go by I’ll be surprised if its the only Pizzastorm in London for much longer.


4 Garratt Lane
Southside Shopping Centre
SW18 4TF

Written by Alex Keighley