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Lush Lip Scrub: Review

Lip Scrub 1

This product has been raved about on beauty blogs for ages but I finally decided to purchase a lip scrub a few weeks ago to improve my lips through the winter months.

Lush currently offer four flavours: Popcorn, Bubblegum, Chocolate Mint and a Christmas Santa one. I was torn between the Chocolate Mint and the Bubblegum, I have to admit.

It may look like a pot of child’s glitter, but this lip scrub works wonders. Many of us regularly exfoliate our faces and bodies, so why is it less common to take care of our lips? The idea of this lip scrub is to apply a small pinch to your lips, massage with your finger before the best part: licking off the excess. The scrub is made predominantly of castor sugar, so it is a real treat.


This lip scrub is a winter saviour – even after one application, your lips will feel much softer. It works perfectly for preparing your lips before applying lipstick, and is also great as a treatment before applying a lip balm of your choice to protect your lips.

It costs £5.50 for a pot of 25ml which seems expensive for such a tiny pot, but a little goes a long way.

Written by Lottie Pearce

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