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In conducting health seminars there is one question I have regularly asked, “What is the purpose of eating?” The top answer is always “for energy!”  The answer is correct. Without energy we would simply die. We not only eat for energy but also to bring nutrients to all the 70 trillion cells of the human body so that it may maintain itself. These nutrients allow us to think, feel, love, and give our purposeful organs the resources they need to conduct their minute by minute duties. This they do so faithfully without complaint so long as they are supplied with all the necessary materials.

Well, after accepting the fact that eating is for energy, is it ever a wonder that after a meal we may often feel tired? Literally, so many of us after a meal can feel so robbed of our physical powers within a few minutes. With the intention of gaining energy by eating we have lost it somewhere in the process. Where did we go wrong? Imagine depositing £1000 in the bank to return shortly afterwards to find £900. Would that be a concern to you?

Porridge is, for the most part,  a great bowl of energy. The best porridge by far is oat porridge. It is quite superior in the way it releases energy. It releases it slowly. It is a high concentration of complex carbohydrates which, in layman’s terms, means it releases its energy in an almost intelligent way, as we need it. The energy released from oats happens over a long period, like a log in the fire. We haven’t mentioned the high fibre content which is also great for lowering cholesterol levels and keeping the bowel healthy.

The oat is one of the only whole grain cereals we have on the shelf as a cereal. Whole grains contain all the parts of the grain which are beneficial for health. The beauty of this food is that it works so very well with how we function and meets so many of our nutritional needs.

Your greatest nutritional needs are within 2 hours of waking, therefore utilise this need daily to be at your best. Porridge eaten together with fruit becomes the perfect meal to start the day.  Eating holistically reduces your tendency of snacking on that taste good but robbing health kind of food.

This one choice of having porridge becomes a part of many other choices to attain a state of well-being.

From today try to make choices which build and preserve life.

Consider the following quote from one of history’s great physicians who said “Let food be thy medicine, thy medicine shall be thy food.- Hippocrates

Have a glance at our fact sheet below and let us know what you think? Do you eat porridge? How do you make yours?

Porridge Infographic

By Curtis Powell