A paintbrush in one hand. A drink in the other. A perfect recipe for creativity to be unleashed at PopUp Painting at The London Art Bar.

Let’s start by saying no artistic ability is needed, rather the event is about being creative and being social. We were painting The Starry Night by Van Gogh, and initially we were all a little worried about how we could create our own interpretations of this within 2 hours. We shouldn’t have worried, as the talented practising artists who lead, paint alongside us whilst breaking it down step-by-step until each of us ends with an individual artwork that no one else in the world has.

Grabbing a drink, donning an apron and being given some paints, we were ready to begin. First, we started with drawing some squiggly blue lines (that form the shape of the cloud) and some circles (that will become the stars). Then we were painting the background using little strokes of various shades of blue. Next was painting the clouds white with tinges of yellow, then bright yellow for the stars. Following this was the village (if you choose), and green hillside and blue mountains. Finally came the scary bit- having to draw the black cypress tree that covers up some of the art. It really was very simple steps but with the freedom to do your own unique touches such as different colours, adding the village or not, or even drawing something completely different. The artists are always on hand to help out or to boost your confidence.

PopUp Painting has their Homebase at The London Art Bar which opened in 2021. The venue takes pride in immersing audiences in the theme, so it was decked out with fairy lights, flowers and paintings by the lead artists of Van Gogh’s works. The soundtrack is also theme with lots of songs about starts. When ‘Rewrite The Stars’ came on, everyone was belting it out whilst continuing to paint.

PopUp Painting is a fantastic activity whether with friends, a hen party, team building or any other function. There are numerous artistic styles/paintings that they cover. Check out their event page for details on dates, times and the artwork being created.

PopUp Painting’s focus is about bringing art out of the classroom and into places people meet, and in this they succeed. The overall vibe is fantastic and I’d love to go back and unleash my creativity. Now the task to find a space to hang and admire my artwork.

PopUp Painting events programme here:

Address: London Art Bar,

300 High Holborn, London, WC1V 7JH





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Written by Caitlin Neal