Les Nénettes Review

Les Nénettes meaning “the girls” in French, is an all female run French bistro and terrace located in Clapton Square in Hackney. OnIn.London were lucky enough to be invited to an authentic French dining experience at Les Nénettes on the 10th of April 2018 and couldn’t have been more impressed.

My only experience with French food is bad wine, snails, Coq au vin and of course French desserts. Visiting Les Nénettes has now taught me what I’ve been missing out on all these years.

Starting with some fine French cocktails, the Le Gimlet Des Moines and Kir Royale was the perfect way to de-stress after a busy day at work. While waiting for our food we took in the friendly and stunning atmosphere of the Les Nénettes and could see ourselves coming back for dinner or brunch here in the near future. There was a vibe which was all class with a family feel to it that was genuine and something not found in a lot of restaurants these days.

We were treated to four courses throughout the evening from starters to dessert, with each course outshining the next. Not always an easy feat to accomplish, but Les Nénettes had no trouble doing. Our starters consisted of Crispy Fried Squid With Espenlette Pepper and Buffalo Frog legs With Blue Cheese Dip. Yes you read right! Frog Legs!! And yes they really do taste like chicken, but with a richer more delicate flavour.

Next up was the Charcuterie Plate and Raviolis De Roman Legumes Croquants. Now I loved the Raviolis Salad, it was light, fresh and very moreish. My guest chose the Magret De Canard, Tagliatellis De Royan Morels Sauce (Duck Pasta with Mushroom Sauce) and she found it extremely tender. She was surprised that the mushrooms didn’t overpower the dish and complimented the different flavours of the dish. Now I couldn’t go past the Gambas A’la Plancha, Red Camargue Rice and Wild Garlic (Prawns with rice and garlic). I’m a sucker for seafood and this didn’t disappoint. It was worth having to shell the prawns myself just to enjoy the rich flavours of the dish.

To end our meal we chose the Noir Et Blanc Mousse Au Chocolat (White and Milk Chocolate Mousse). It was extremely decadent, though not too sweet. Make sure you end your meal with this as it really is divine. The wine list at Les Nènettes is also something not to be missed. Classic French wines which pair perfectly with the menu will ensure your evening is one to remember.



19 Lower Clapton Road

E5 0NS