Pornstar Cocktail Launch Party Review

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Friday night we were invited along to the launch of the Pornstar Cocktail™ created by Douglas Ankrah at the London Edition Hotel. Who is Douglas Ankrah? Well he is an Award winning Mixologist. Founder of London Academy of Bartending. Co-founder of LAB Bar, Soho and Townhouse, Knightsbridge, author of best-selling book “Shaken & Stirred” and he created the iconic “Pornstar Martini” cocktail in 2005. This cocktail is a worldwide sensation and its definitely one of my favourite cocktails… So fortunately for me and the other fans of this delicious vanilla and passionfruit flavoured cocktail, Doughas has now created the Pornstar Cocktail™… a ready to serve version! Made with natural grain spirit and 100% Passion fruit puree, the Pornstar Cocktail™ is going to revolutionise cocktail making.


The London Edition was the perfect venue to host this party. It had that right mix of sophistication and class coupled with a friendly and easy going vibe. Bar staff were incredibly friendly during the event and kept the three different Pornstar Cocktail™ mixes flowing. The Pornstar Fizz was our personal favourite. Made with Pornstar Cocktail™, Bulldog Gin and Zonin Prosecco, it was no wonder we kept coming back for more.


The evening’s entertainment was by Alix Fox, Journalist/broadcaster/sex-spurt. She had the crown entertained with some raunchy tips that would make Christian Grey blush and a bag full of sensational goodies for the crowd.


It was an absolutely fabulous evening and we can’t wait to try making Pornstar Cocktail™ mixes ourselves. There are several different ways you can enjoy the Pornstar Cocktail™.


As the perfect serve: served in a Martini glass, accompanied by a shot glass of Champagne. To deliver the whole performance: Cut a passion fruit into two. Float one half on the cocktail and dust with vanilla sugar. Embrace the perfect ritual by scooping out and savouring the passion fruit ripe flesh with a teaspoon, sip the Pornstar Cocktail™ then tease the taste buds with a cheeky shot of Proscecco on the side.


On the rocks: Simply pour the Pornstar Cocktail™ into an ice filled rocks glass.

As a Bellisimo Bellini. Fill half a champagne flute with Pornstar Cocktail™ and top up to overflowing with bubbles. Proscecco, Cava or Champagne, (whichever floats their boat)

Or a Saucy Spritz. Half a glass of Pornstar Cocktail™. Fill almost to the brim with a flirtatious splash of Prosecco.

Pornstar Cocktail™ can be purchased for £21.95 at Gerry’s Of Soho ( however more retail outlets are planned for the future.

Reporter: Tegan LeBon

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