Punchy Review

Are you looking for a more adventurous non-alcoholic drink? Or perhaps you’re tired of the same old mixers? Then look no further as Punchy has you covered with both its alcoholic and non-alcoholic punches.

Punchy’s aim was to create a drink to please a range of people including: gluten-free drinkers, vegan drinkers, diet drinkers, social drinkers and non-alcoholic drinkers. As such, they came home with the idea of creating an identical drink- one with zero alcohol and one with low alcohol.  Indeed, Punchy was r he world’s first 4% and 0% ABV Spiced Rum Punch in a bottle. 

Made with natural ingredients these low-calorie punches contain no artificial sweeteners or preservatives. They are also gluten-free and vegan. 

Punchy aims to provide eco-friendly, adventurous drinks that remind us of sun, friendship, and good times. As such, each of the three flavours has its own character.

We tried the ‘Golden Hour’ punch featuring blood orange, bitters and cardamom. This is made with zesty oranges, lemon juice, carbonated water and aromatic spices.  Drinking the punch by itself really felt as if we were drinking a cocktail. Perfect for those days when you don’t want to consume alcohol, but still want something fun.

‘First Dip’ is comprised of zingy yuzu, fresh cucumber and rosemary.  Given it’s ingredients, it’s not difficult to predict there’ll be a big hit of citrus followed by lingering rosemary. We paired this with vodka, but it would also be great with gin. Punchy

The ‘Holiday Romance’ is made of juicy peaches, hot ginger and fragrant chai. We drank this one straight from the can after a long walk and it was definitely thirst-quenching. Served over ice with a slice of citrus fruit would also be a great serving idea.

Each of the above flavours can be purchased as a non-alcoholic or alcoholic punch. The alcoholic punches are 4% ABV.  The alcohol differed between the three flavours. ‘First Dip’ has Sacred Gin, ‘Golden Hour’ has Scotch Whisky and ‘Holiday Romance’ has Duppy Share Caribbean rum. 

The 250ml cans are 100% plastic-free recyclable cans. They are produced and packed in the UK.  A percentage of all sales goes towards charities dedicated to protecting the environment. 

Non-alcoholic punches start at £12 for a pack of 6 while a 24 pack (8 cans of each) is £35. The alcoholic punches start at £18 for a pack of six or £55 for a pack of 24. 

Punchy can also be found on retailers including Amazon, Ocoda, Selfridges, Fortnum and Mason and more. For those not in the UK, Punchy now delivers to various countries- check out their website for details. 

Overall, we really enjoyed indulging in these light, refreshing, sweet punches.

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Written by Caitlin Neal