Simone Caporale Masterclass at Quaglinos Review


On Wednesday the 18th of January, my friend and I were luckily enough to get invited to meet renowned Simone Caporale and the expert Bar team at Quaglinos. For a limited time guests were allowed to go behind the bar in an exclusive masterclass to learn top secret techniques and recipes. Priced at £35 per guest, this limited edition experience was one that I hope becomes a tradition at Quaglinos.


Walking into the bar and restaurant, we were astounded by the gorgeous art deco design and opulence. It was absolutely beautiful. After being shown to the bar, we were treated to a glass of Moet while Simone and the team introduced themselves. There were 7 other guests in our bookings so my friend and I were able to watch the other guests make their first cocktails and just enjoy ourselves.

Love Tricks

During the course of the evening, Sarah and I were given the choice to make two different cocktails. Love Tricks, a dessert based sangria cocktail and Best Kept Secrets, a gin citrus based drink. Love Tricks was a sweet red wine based cocktail with a delicious aftertaste of chocolate. While Love Tricks was a pleasant sweet but sour mix, which was super easy to drink. The unexpected flavour of sesame seed oil also gave it a surprisingly different aftertaste that lingered on the tongue.

Best Kept Secrets

While drinking these delicious cocktails, we indulged ourselves by watching the bar staff create fantastic looking cocktails. One such cocktail involved the use of edible glitter. There’s something about glitter that attracts girls to it, like moths to a flame. It is a magical substance. Once the other six girls in the masterclass spotted it. That was it. We all wanted glitter cocktails. Simone Caporale, happily obliged and showed us all individually how to make this magical cocktail. Gin and Apricot liquor based, this cocktail was not only pretty to look at but delicious. I didn’t get the name of this cocktail but it was spectacular.FullSizeRender


To help soak up our delectable cocktails, we got to try some of the canapes available. Now if these canapes are only a fraction of what food is available in the restaurant I can’t wait to visit for dinner soon. Coconut Prawns, Arancini balls (definitely the best in London that I’ve tried) and Tuna Tataki. They were all absolutely divine. I’m definitely not ashamed to admit I helped myself (with permission of course) to another one of the Coconut Prawns that another guest couldn’t eat.IMG_1451

While the masterclasses are no longer running, make sure you make you way down to this stunning bar. The entire venue oozes class so be prepared to be dazzled and impressed.

Reporter: Tegan LeBon

Twitter and Instagram: @toogs1

16 Bury Street, London SW1Y 6AJ

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