Quick London Food Guide: 4 Pitstops

Shake Shack:

Shakes and Burger in one menu! I am sold!!

Having heard much about the first branch this American burger brand of some repute had opened in London’s iconic Covent Garden, it took a while to get there, but I did with a few other blogger friends. I have to be honest, I did not get the fuss. Despite the constant queuing outside, I still don’t get it. The burgers were small, overpriced and not really that good. Although I must say the service was quick, efficient and the staff pleasant, the whole experience was all too reminiscent of certain other burger joints that have been around a while longer and charge rather less.


Byron Burger

I’m sure you’ve all heard of Byron Burger, I offer this as a contrast to my previous review. I have been to Byron twice recently; once on Charing Cross Road and once on Old Brompton Road and both have been pleasant experiences. Even picking up a takeaway felt wholesome and authentic. The burgers are well cooked, come in a range of interesting varieties and all round feel like a more substantial meal. The experience itself is entirely more reminiscent of real American diners and the slightly kitsch charm that goes with them and make them one of the best burger joints in London.

Dalston Street Feast:

street feast logo

Although sadly now over, I spent one very satisfactory, if extremely damp (a roofless warehouse and one of the wettest days of the year so far did not mix well), evening at the Street Feast and taste some wonderful food in an interesting setting. Featuring a wide range of pop-up food and drink stalls with a huge variety of cuisines from all over the world, this will definitely be something I’m looking out for next year. I had an excellent spicy fish wrap from the much vaunted Vinn Goute’s Seychelles stall and a very interesting beetroot daal wrap from Rola Wala. I could easily have eaten from every stall and been assured it was all beautiful food. Fortunately I had neither the time or finances that evening.

& Pasta:

There are few things as good as properly cooked Italian food. For simplicity and delicacy it can hardly be matched. So, after leaving a night out in Soho early (early start at work the next day) and in need of some food late at night, I stumbled upon this place on the corner of Dean Street and Old Compton Street. The formula is simple; pick your type of pasta and sauce, or select from a variety of Italian pastries, both savoury and sweet and the food is with you almost instantly, perfectly cooked and spiced. I had the farfalle with a spicy arrabiata and would definitely recommend it. The food is cooked by Italians, on site and the deli is open until 11pm every day. If in need of a late night snack, ditch Maccy D’s and head here.

Peter Churchill