Dare to climb the O2?

This isn’t a new thing, climbing up at the O2 has been on show for a while now, we decided that we should give it a go and see what the climb would be like and the spectacular view it promises.

It’s a guided walking experience, that takes you over the roof of The O2 in North Greenwich, you start off with a safety briefing, you get kitted into your jumpsuits and harnesses (I must say they made us look pretty cool!) Once all kitted out, the guide takes the group up to the starting  point. The maximum number of people per session is 15, because we went in January, we only had 8 in our group, which was a delight as it felt like a more personal experience. You climb up with your harness attached to the railings, in a single file, believe me when I say it’s not scary at all, in fact it’s a thrill and very enjoyable to walk up over a the dome whist taking in the sights as you do.

Once you get to the top you are greeted with the observation platform, where you admire the view whilst pulling out your phone for selfies, which we all did in a hurry! You get about 15 – 20 mins up there before you then head on down, walking down the path on the opposite side of the roof, again attaching your harness to the railings.

Our guides on the day were Nick and Hannah, Nick lead the group, he was entertaining and made us feel safe at all times, he was even so kind to let me use his camera phone when my camera turned itself off due to the cold air at the top of the dome (slight panic which lasted a minute).

It was very enjoyable and not one of those activities that just tourists do, Londoners climb toooo and I hear they have a blast!


Tickets start from £28
If you are a O2 customer you can get 15% off tickets.

Fancy doing something different for Valentines Day? Climb up the O2 with your loved one and once you reach the top you can be in each others arms as you admire the views. For more information and to purchase tickets, click here.

Review by Nyla S.