Review: Django Bango – Gold Rush

Arriving at The Yard (4 Durham Street, Vauxhall, London) for Django Bango – Gold Rush, we were a little concerned as there was no signs that we were in the right spot. Our fears were all for nothing, because after knocking on the door, one of the staff burst through full of energy. This scared myself and and other visitors waiting but soon had everyone laughing. Now what is Django Bango – Gold Rush, you may ask. Well it’s an immersive five course dining, Wild West experience. Once seated at a table near the Django Bango Express and Joe Strouzer (a talented blues singer who kept us entertained with his musical talents), we were ready for the fun to begin.

venue shot

We started with the Miner’s Claim cocktail (Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Fresh Strawberries, St Germain, Lemon – £7.50) and the MineyMcMineFace (Mezcal, Fresh Lime Juice, Hibiscus Syrup – £7.50) before the first our five courses arrived. Both cocktails were delicious and the name MineyMcMineFace made me chuckle. It made me laugh even more when I realised the origin of the name. (Boaty McBoatFace for those who took just as long as me to get it).


Dinner is served family style with other guests on the tables so this encouraged conversations with other diners. We were lucky to share with two lovely girls who were happy to chat away to us during the meal. Before our food arrived, Trixie (our host) told us the story of her family mine and how a stranger was trying to steal her gold from the mine. We were then told to be on the lookout for Gold hidden in our foods.

First course was The Muffnut (Buttermilk Muffin filled with BBQ Pork & Torched Monterey Jack) or the vegetarian option of The Broad Bean and Red Pepper Veggie Muffnut (V). No Gold hidden in our dishes here but this was our favourite course of the evening. The Monterey Jack Sauce atop of the pork filled muffin was scrumptious.

DJANGO BANJO Gold Rush_June16 Stacey Hatfield photography

Second course was Crocodile Tempura with Sweet Chilli Jam or the vegetarian option of Baby Sweet Corn Tempura. The gold was again exclusive in the little pail of food that we were served. I had most been looking forward to this course, as I haven’t eaten Crocodile since leaving Australia. Unfortunately I was little underwhelmed but that didn’t stop me eating two pails of crocodile when a second one was left on the table. I even managed to get my friend to try the crocodile, she’d been adamant for weeks that she wouldn’t try it.

crocodile tempura

Third Course was BBQ Beef Short Ribs (Whiskey-soaked Beef Short Rib & Django Bango Sauce and Crunchy Slaw) or Two Sisters Salad (Sweet Potato, Roasted Kale, Sweetcorn, Halloumi and Pomegrante Seeds). The Halloumi in my friend’s vegetarian option was a little overcooked but the BBQ Beef Ribs were cooked to perfection. The meat just fell off the bone and was extremely tender.

muff nut

By the fourth course I was starting to get full but I did enjoy my Smoked Cajun Sausage Stew & Jambalaya and Smoked Cheese Arancini Balls. I enjoyed it even more when I finally found an exclusive piece of Gold. My friend’s vegetarian option of Green Pepper, Okra and Bean Gumbo with Jambalaya and Smoked Cheese Arancini Balls disappeared in record time, so it’s safe to say she appreciated this dish.

Last course was the Rocky Road Slice. I couldn’t eat all mine because by the fifth course, I was full. My friend, however, didn’t have the same problem and was able to eat her Rocky Road Slice. Serves me right for eating two courses of the crocodile!


After a couple more cocktails, the Badlands Brew (Tequila, Apple, Agave , Lime, Prosecco -£7.50), the Golden Blood (Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Antica Formula, Cherry Heering, Blood orange juice, Orange bitters, Gold Dust – £8.00)  and a bottle of wine, it was unfortunately time to leave. I loved hearing more stories from Trixie and her sister, listening to Joe Strouzer’s dulcet tones, searching for gold and swapping them for shots of Buffalo Juice. With this in mind we were disappointed we had to leave early, as the whole evening was so much fun. Plus we never found out who was stealing gold from Trixie’s mine.

Django Bango-Gold Rush is open Fridays and Saturdays until the 1st of October so plenty of time to attend for some yehawing good fun. Tickets cost £35.00, so are extremely affordable. It’s not often you’ll find a five course dinner, immersive show, music and loads of fun for that price in London. Check out this YouTube video ( to find out what you’re missing out on by not booking tickets today!





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