Review: Gilgamesh Pan-Asian Restaurant

Gilgamesh is a grand and ornate restaurant and it sits pretty bold in Camden market, where torches of fire light the way up the escalator to this beautiful Pan-Asian restaurant. As we enter, we are greeted with plush furnishing, dark carved woods and extravagant interior along with exotic palm trees.


We were seated on a higher platform giving us a great view of the restaurant along with the grand bar, a great place to people watch but to be honest our eyes were on the food!


We went with their signature dish, Duck and watermelon salad, which came with cashew nuts, mint and coriander, a great combination, which set the tone for the rest of the dishes. We were impressed with the slices of salmon sashimi, which were served over dry ice, 10 out of 10 for presentation (and cue all mobile phone cameras). The salmon tasted fresh and it was a melt in your mouth sensation.


The Chilean Wagyu Sirlon was juicy and flavoursome, thanks to the three sauces to complement the sirlon: bulgogi, barbecue and soy jus. Although bold in flavour it was also balanced and delicate. The spicy tuna maki rolls, came with kampyo, creamy spicy sauce and fell into the too pretty to eat category. We were impressed with the presentation of all dishes to be honest!


We turned down the obvious choice of champagne and opted for a bottle of Saki, the waiter recommended the Dewazakura Oka. I had my reservations, as I haven’t found a Saki I’ve liked in the past, thankfully this surpassed my expectations, the waiter recommended well! The Saki was light with a touch of pear and melon; it went down smoothly and complemented the meal nicely. If Saki isn’t your cup of tea, fear not there is an extensive wine list along with a variety of champagne and cocktails to choose from.


Gilgamesh has everything you could ask for in a Pan-Asian luxury restaurant and we were happy with the outcome. The staff that served us were polite and friendly and I would say it’s the perfect romantic setting for a date or celebrating a special occasion.

Would we dine there again? You can bet your bottom dollar we will!


Written by Nyla Sammons

Photography by Nyla Sammons