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It’s Tuesday morning, 7:30 a.m., and I’m throwing shapes at the legendary dance venue, Ministry of Sound. Yes that’s right, not winding down at the end of an epic Saturday night dance marathon, but instead joining the smooth-grooving, peace-loving dance tribe that is Morning Gloryville; a conscious-clubbing, breakfast-time, pre-work rave.


On arrival we’re welcomed with hugs, decorated in gold glitter, and sprinkled with bubbles before entering the venue. We make our way along the dark, twisting alleyways towards the sounds of the bass coming from the dance floor, before allowing our eyes a few seconds to adjust to the spectacular wave of colour from the vibrant and vivacious dancers. Some people dressed in flamboyant pyjamas, many sporting a tutu (perfectly acceptable seeing as it is Tutu Tuesday), and others dressed in work suits ready for a day at the office. A collaboration of people from different walks of life, uniting to enjoy music and a good ol’ boogie in the morning.


The venue itself has been jazzed up to look like something from a magical dream. Decorated with colourful Tibetan-style flags hanging from the ceiling, coupled with one of the best sound systems in London, this is the perfect place to begin a Tuesday morning. There’s plenty going on throughout the morning keep us on your toes; think konga-like dance trains snaking their way across the club floor, barefoot limbos spontaneously erupting from nowhere, and regularly occurring, drum-beating-induced dance offs. This is the place to immerse the soul and let your body speak volumes as you paint shapes to energising music. With a mixture of 80’s club classics perfectly mingled with current dance tunes, it has something for all music tastes.

Thirsty from all that body-popping? Take a break and refuel with a fresh, fruity smoothie at the Smoothie Station or grab a cuppa or coffee from the Coffee Space. Alternatively zone out and connect with your inner zen as you enjoy some yoga, before bopping back onto the dancefloor for a final dance blast.


Leaving the venue we walk out into the grey streets of Elephant and Castle, rain pouring down. The last three hours at Ministry merely a colourful, magical dream. If only every morning started this way.

Funk up your Tuesday morning, don a tutu, and join the Morning Gloryville dance tribe in South London. It’s sure to feel you with a euphoric sense of freedom and set you up in the happiest of moods for the rest of the day.

Reviewed by Sophie Cole | Twitter: @sjcole333 | facebook: /sophie.cole

Website: morninggloryville.com

Twitter: @GloryvilleHQ